We are a family business, located in the port area of Mar del Plata. From here, in the southeast of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, we intend to contribute our grain of sand to the fishing industry. Our company has been active in the fish processing and marketing since 2006. Since that date, our founders, the Ganin/Correa family, have taken on the challenge of offering customers the best raw material from the Atlantic Ocean. Characterized by efficient and responsible work, we have managed to get our product to reach local lands, as well as foreign ones. Countries from all continents enjoy the enjoyment of our products. It is always our objective to continue improving ourselves in order to provide maximum attention and quality to our clients. 

Nuestro establecimiento

Founded in 2006, it complies with all the regulations set forth by the National Service for Agrifood Health and Quality (SENASA). With certificates such as the RNE (National Establishment Registry) and RNPA (National Food Product Registry), our plant processes and sells top quality raw material that qualifies within the standards proposed by the Argentine Food Code.


Our staff is thoroughly trained to handle the raw material, so that its processing and packaging are optimally developed, within unbeatable sanitary conditions. Then, the packages are labeled in order to provide the consumer with pertinent information on the characteristics of the product, including data such as the name and weight of the species, identification of origin, batch and destination, shelf life, etc.

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